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Importance of Ester-C relating to hip dysplasia


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HRCH Brandywines Duramizer Chip UNCH09

HRCH Lilly's Full Choke Hunter - runner up at 2010 BSS Retriever Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Front Paige News - runner up at 2010 BSS Upland Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Bessie's Mojo UNCH11

HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake

HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leinie



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Phil & John - Abby Doubles run - BDC 3rd Season


Brandywines Living Like a Rock Star - Roxey - at 11 weeks


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Boykin Spaniel Stories, Brags and Accomplishments


04/09/07 - A great experience at the Boykin Spaniel Nationals - Congratulations Lance

The following account is only one mans bias opinion. None of the names or
places have been changed, because no one is innocent.

Just got back from the Carolina's training dogs and visiting my brother
Blake. We had quite an experience. Entered Belle and Deke in competition 13
times and we placed 11 times. Our final trial was the Boykin Nationals held
in Clinton S.C.. Deke was 9 days to old to run in the puppy class (under 1
year) so we entered him in novice. Novice is a strange class, no pro's can
run, there is no age limit, and were numerous HRC titled dogs. We had a
total class of 65 dogs (including Deke's daddy and 6 siblings) and the
oldest being 9 years. After two days of different hunting/retrieving
scenario's, Deke was outstanding. Every time we went to the line, my heart
was in my throat. Dogs were being weeded out left and right. We made it to
the final water series and once again Deke proved he was up to the task. The
bird was thrown so it was hidden behind a log @ 40 yards. To get there all
the dogs had to cross over a larger log in the middle of the pond find the
hidden bird and return over the 2 logs. Deke's line to the bird was great,
crossed over the log and continued to the hidden bird. Deke missed the
hidden bird 4 feet to the right stepped on a submerged stick, which came up
and slapped him in the face, shook it off and quickly corrected and returned
to my side with his prize. Deke's next bird was thrown at 35 yards towards
open water, but intentionally was landed in a snag that only a crappie
fisherman would love. Once again Deke was off, where most dogs eased around
the snag, Deke crashed straight though the middle (I was afraid he would
hurt himself) of the snag returned the same way and sat at my side with the
bird. I was so proud and knew we had just put ourselves in first place or
close to. When the awards were handed out that evening it was not to be.
Deke received a Judges Award of Merit award and was the 5th place dog. I am
not complaining, since I was unable to watch most of other dogs (Belle was
running in Puppy) But will never forget the effort  this little dog put
forth at 1 year and 9 days.

Belle was entered in puppy along with 26 other Boykin pups. The first series
consisted of three land retrieves from 25 to 40 yards. In puppy they use
pigeons. Belle was a ball of fire and shot straight to her first bird picked
it up came half way back and decided to parade around showing off her prize.
I guess she thought all these people were here to watch her and she was
going to give them a show. The next two birds went exactly the same way. At
this point I thought my chances in puppy were gone. If there is one thing
Belle likes more than retrieving, it is treats. So we found a place away
from the crowds and started rewarding Belle with a treat everytime she
returned with the dummy. I would hold my left hand at ear level, rolling the
treat in my fingers, and singing softly to her. She got the idea and was
snapping back to me dummy in mouth. From that point on we would practice
prior to a series. When she went after her bird, I would hold my hand up
like I had a treat and sing softly to her. I wish I could say that this was
a wonder cure, but only made her retrieves tolerable when she was returning
with a pigeon.
After4 series the judges wanted more and called for a 5th series hoping to
find more separation between dogs. Belle was invited back! The first mark
landed @ 40 yards in broom straw and a minor amount of deadfall. Belle
nailed the mark jumping over the deadfall and landing on her pigeon. Her
return was not so pleasing but adequate. The final mark was 35 yards down a
dirt road where the pigeon was thrown into the marsh grass 3 feet off the
edge of the road. I assume to tempt the puppies to keep on running.
Sometimes speed can hurt. Belle locked on, shot towards her mark running
full, hit the scent trail, locked on the brakes (over running the bird by 6
ft) hunted back, picked up the bird and made a decent return. Knowing Belle
had lapsed in her training, all we could hope for was a Jam (judges award of
merit) Boy were we surprised when Bell took the forth place ribbon.
What mixed emotions Peggy and I had over the next hours, Belle who was off
her game and still placed forth and Deke who left it all on the field only
to receive a jam.
Another highlight was:  Grace  owned and handled by my brother Blake. Grace
ran in the open class against a field of 16 with 5 professional trainers.
Coming into the final series the field had been narrowed to 7 dogs and 3 or
4 pros. My guess is that Grace was in 5th place at this time. What a turn of
events, when the dust settled Grace received second place honors in the open
class. I wish I could describe in detail her efforts and the final challenge
of the day, but we were off running our own at this point.
Sunday brought a day of fun, no more tension or wondering about bringing
your dog to the line. The nationals were over. But just for fun and in the
spirit of competition the Boykin Spaniel Society put on an upland event. Dog
and handler would enter a field where 3 live chukars had been hidden acting
as a team, the dog must flush the bird, the handler must shoot the bird, and
the dog should retrieve. On top of that you are working against the clock
(so much for tension). Deke worked well and took second place in singles
with a 4:49 time. Bell ran also, but her handler(me) made too many mistakes
to place her.
Deke and I were invited to run doubles with Bill Crites and Lilly. Same
rules as above, only with a total of 5 birds in the field. Deke and Lilly
really lit it up covering the field and working together. When the smoke
cleared and the last bird was delivered to hand the clock read 5:39. Both
Deke and Lilly received a first place trophy for their efforts.
Entering doubles once again, Deke and I paired with Blake and Grace. What a
run we had grace covering most of the milo field and Deke hunting tight in
the thicker cover. We finished with the second fasted time of the day, but
were penalized for using an extra shell. Putting us in 3rd place.
There were 36 total entries in both divisions.


01/2007 Indy's adventure with a deer

Phil & Karen,

I just wanted to write you guys a short note about Indy.  She has acclimated well to occupied Mexico down here in South Texas and has turned into one hell of a hunter.  She retrieves dove and quail for me with an unlimited amount of energy.  She also is a hell of a rabbit, ground squirrel and field lark hunter when it comes to my boys with their BB guns.  Lastly, and of particular note you should know that she has made a hell of a wounded deer dog - she has trialed up several wounded deer and does a great job.  Recently she trailed a poorly shot doe about 200 yards before jumping the still alive deer - she bayed the deer until the deer saw me coming in for the finishing shot - the deer took off with Indy in hot pursuit.  This event occurred at 5:30 last Friday afternoon.  We found her the next morning at 10:00 - thanks to the small cow bell on her neck - still with the deer about 2000 yards from where I last saw her pursuing the wounded doe.  The AMAZING thing is that she was STILL WITH THE DEER 16.5 hours later.
Indy is a beautiful and intelligent dog (sometimes too intelligent for her own good) and has made a wonderful addition to our family and hunting adventures.

Brett E. Dunn


Ester-C testimonial - received July 28, 2006

Dear Mr. Hinchman,

After speaking with you on the phone today I wanted to drop a line so you would have the info to contact us. We inquired into a female Boykin back on  February 17.  I understand you will not have any females available until next summer.  We live in Missouri and we have a 14 year old male who is an absolutey wonderful companion but we would like a female to hunt.  Our male has had a lot of difficulties walking for the last year and a half or so and we were thrilled when we saw the ester-c for hip displaysia on your website, Skipper has been taking 1000 mgs daily for about 7 weeks and it has made a remarkable difference, he  runs out his doggie door and gallops around the yard then runs through the house rough-housing with our Shih-tzu.  We asked our vet for his opinion he said nothing shows in the xrays but he obviously feels better our vet is familiar with Skip because we board him there when we have to go out of town.
Please let us know when you have a female available.
Shari Glenn
Please contact:
Jeffrey Glenn
Potosi, MO
Ester-C testimonial - received July 7, 2006

Hi Phill and Karen,
Sorry to bother you again, but I was just wondering how you get the Ester-C
down a pup? Do you give liquid Ester-C? If so could you please tell me where
to buy as I cannot find any in the UK, I don't mind importing it.
By the way (Bubba) the pup we kept back does not need any surgery for his
hips, he now shows no signs what so ever of hip dysplasia after being on
6000mg of Ester-C a day.
Thanks again,
Emma x


6/26/06 Briggs story from Katie and Scott in AL


June 26, 2006
Dear Phil and Karen,

You were right about Brigg's being "the best puppy in the world!" He is and so much more. We are loving him every minute of every day. I wrote a letter as if he might write it and attached it's cute and funny. We hope you like it.
Also, I am sending the pictures in two different emails, the files are quite large. We hope you enjoy seeing Briggs.
Thank you for all your kindness and understanding.


Scott & Katie

June 25, 2006
Dear Family,
Today I am 8 weeks old and I weight 9.6 lbs!
Wow, what a week I am having with my new family! I have learned how to dig in mud, pull turtles up on the bank of the pond, run fast with dad, snuggle with mom and of course help her cook, and now I am learning how to tee-tee outside. On Thursday, mom and I met dad for lunch at a little cantina and we ate outside. I played and chewed on a tiki torch, while mom and dad ate with one of dad’s friends. We had fun at the restaurant but I enjoy being at home the best.
I love being at home with mom and playing in the afternoon with dad. Tuesday morning, mom showed me the freezer with a bunch of frozen birds. And boy do I love those birds. She sat with me in the hall and we played together. I’d bring back the bird and she’d throw it. When dad came home to play with me, I was a pro and he praised me and praised me! You’ll see how much I love those birds in the pictures below.
My favorite thing is digging! I love to dig! We have this pond where mom, dad and I walk every evening and I show them how I love to dig. Yesterday, I found a turtle shell. I barked and barked at it at first, then mom said “it’s OK” and I charged after it. I pulled it up on the bank and started to chew on it. I broke off a piece and dad took it away because he didn’t know if turtle shell is good for me. So, I ran back to the bank and grabbed another one! He laughed and laughed.
Mom and I have lots of fun during the day. Every morning, we see dad off to work and then we take our morning walk. We walk half way around the pond. It is a big pond and I’m usually tuckered out by the time we reach home. When we walk, mom walks slow and lets me explore. I have found rocks, rocks, rocks. Sometimes, I pick up a rock and take it to the shore to taste it. Mom usually calls me off it after a few minutes so I don’t swallow it. Then, we walk some more. I love the tall grass that grows beside the pond. It’s just right for jumping on and chewing up. But, my favorite thing about the pond is its sandy beach. The beach is just right for digging! I love to dig! I got so muddy that mom had to wash me down in the pond but then I ran along the sand and got muddy all over. She laughed and laughed. She smiles at me and I smile back at her. Of course the best thing about mom is her snuggling! She is the best snuggler!
The first night home, I cried and cried and she came into the kitchen-where I sleep- and laid with me on the floor with a pillow and blanket. She stayed until I went back to sleep. Then I woke up, she was gone, and I cried some more and guess what she came back and stayed until I went to sleep again. Thursday night was the first night that I didn’t have to have mom come sleep with me because I am beginning to sleep almost the entire night. Dad comes and checks on me several times while mom is sleeping and Wednesday night after I tee-teed outside, I was so awake that he stayed and played with me for 30 mintues, even though it was 3:00 in the morning. They are the best playmates!
On Saturday, we went to the skeet range. Mom and I stayed in the car while Dad shot for me. I didn’t know what the sound was and didn’t pay attention to it because I was snuggling with mom and chewing on my favorite toy. Dad shot several times and then I really wanted out of the car. So, mom and I got out and walked around with dad. I’ve met so many new people and they have all loved me. Also, today we went to Long Horns for lunch. We all ate outside on the patio and enjoyed all these people coming by to pet me and say what a “good boy” I am. I love to meet new friends and go new places with mom and dad.
Today (Sunday) we went to Lake Eufaula in Eufaula, AL. This is the best place to play in the water. Mom walked out on the sand bar – about 15 feet from dad – and then she called to me to come. I walked like a proud little man right to her. The water was touching my chest but I still could reach the bottom. I walked back to dad and then I found a mussel and carried it around. Then, mom called me back to her. She was further out this time and I gradually lost the bottom and had to swim. I swam to her and she picked me up and praised me repeatedly. She was so wet but she loved it. I ran between her and dad and we played for about 30 min in the lake. Then we started for home. I slept the whole way. After eating at Cracker Barrel, we went home. I have so much fun and love playing, swimming, and chasing after birds with mom and dad.
I miss you and can’t wait to see you again at a field trial, but I am really happy at my new home!
Hope you enjoy all the pictures of me, say hey to mom and dad for me!
Love Your,
Brandywine’s Briggs


04/29/06  A new puppy adventure from Joanne and Jake in Canada

Well Hello to Phil and Karen from Calgary!

Just a note to let you know that we arrived safely in Calgary yesterday afternoon and Trapper was AWESOME on the plane!!  The first flight to Denver was 3 hours and he never made a peep!!  I was shocked!
We had a small layover in Denver waiting for our flight to Calgary and I had him out to stretch his legs and do his little business and we were mobbed by people cooing over our sweet baby!!
He was quiet on the flight to Calgary for the first 1 1/2 hrs - then got a little restless for about 5 minutes - Jake put his hand in the carrier and he fell back to sleep!!
Now get this - once in Calgary - the customs agent adored Trapper and was suppose to charge me tax on the money that we paid for him - but he said "How can I charge anything extra for something that adorable!!".  He didn't charge us!!   The gouvernment NOT collecting money????  Incredible!!  That's the power of a Boykin!!  :-)
Hunter has absolutely NO problem with Trapper!  It's like he's been here forever where she's concerned!  Now Trapper was a little scared of Hunter at first.  Today - he is MUCH better with her.  But not quite ready to play with her yet - but she's patiently waiting!
Trapper hasn't had one accident in the house...yet!  But we keep taking him outside and praise him when he "goes" so hopefully he'll be as fast to housetrain as Hunter was!!
Just got back from the pet store and bought some puppy biscuits and some chew toys - including a Nylabone.  We all are adjusting great to our newest member of the family and I think you know Trapper couldn't be more loved!!
I'll send pictures to you in the next few days and will keep you updated on Trapper's adventures.
Thank you again for your incredible hospitality and for the wonderful dinner!!  Jake and I really appreciated it!  And to Phil for doing all of those training exercises for us - it was great to see the Boykins in action!!  Everything was much appreciated!
Talk to you soon!!!
Joanne, Jake, Hunter and Trapper!!!

09/16/05 - From Barb - journey to get her new pup

hi jan & larry,

bud & i wanted to let you know how nice it was to meet you, and learn of the high standards you have for your has been a long wait since mother nature broke our hearts a year ago.
i remember august 2003 ..bud was watching a hunting show, i was doing dishes, & he called to me & said "look at this dog"!!! it was a boykin featured.  we had lost our beloved 'clancy', our springer of 15 years 3 months before. i always knew we would always have a dog, but i have had dogs grow old on me before, and as they died in my arms, a piece of my heart went with them. bud has always addressed the 'hunting' part..i made them foolish babies. i realized it was time for a pup....this pup!!
the boykin link took me to j&l...i decided to call & talk about 'the little brown dog'....larry had me convinced, but i did not know until november after much e-mailing to get to know us, that we were on the 'list' for a female.  we have always had females, and bud knew how to hunt them.  our patient wait began.
the trip from massachusetts to wisconsin is not cheap.  larry said 'these are our kids' we don't ship them anywhere.  we hand them over, so, we decided to see the mid-west.
finally, ruby & dad charlie were going to give us our little girl. maggie mae was one of ruby's 2 females....penny had a litter 9 days later.  i told jan, 'just pick out the sweetest little girl and make her ours.  reality hit on july 22,05 when we were northwest-bound to minn st.paul,   we missed the turn to head into wi. due to heavy road construction.   so, we got to see minn. and st.paul 5 pm friday traffic
we made it to hammond,wi. 3 hours later. tired, hungry and just as much humidity as we left behind.
sat. morn, after a nice stay at the holiday inn, we excitedly made our way to hammond. it was bud's birthday, and the day we would meet the sweetest little girl, and our good friends by phone & e-mail.
'jan & larry hinchman...while we were meeting 'the kids' and all the remaining pups. we had our
'maggie mae' ...jan said that she couldn't believe it when i told her  months before, but this pup's grandmother was also maggie was meant to be...and a great day even though a rare mid-west storm made noon time as black as night...jan & i put our hands down to feel for the fur of maggie & sister caroline who we had set loose...larry found an enormous flashlight and proceeded to review the paperwork with bud.   
sunday brought us back, but this time we left with maggie mae...she looked so deep into my eyes & chewed my finger..she was a perfect little girl the airport, where we has arrived early
bud held her out of her carrier...stating she was a 'chick magnet' and a 'kid magnet'. finally the plane ride..not a peep...transfer shuttle to our car & grass for bathroom...we could tell she had been nervous & separated, and was not going back in the carrier. we headed to my mom's an hour from the airport.
mom still thinks we are nuts, but loved seeing the little fur ball hop around her ground cover...
maggie mae has settled into our home. our 22 year old daughter takes her for runs, bud takes her to the coffee shop and trash day...there are training birds in the freezer for the time...humidity has followed us back every day....puppy kindergarten starts sept. 1...she has been to the vet..and been swimming in the river we all check our schedules for the day time ,,,exercising, bathroom,eating, water.playing, and she still comes to me every day,...usually night & sits down , gives a little is time for me to stop..pick her up & hold her she does not fuss, just wants to be held & falls asleep..after all,,,she is still a baby!!!!!
hi guys, i wrote the above in case you wanted to post a story. larry, i am having the darndest time finding the esther-c tabs...we are loving that little dog so much.  she wags her tail & runs to greet the three of us . she is cautious with any new person...she has had many people come to see "such a beautiful pup"i am returning the pictures you took..i had a set made..also sending pictures of the trip
i give up on sending pictures on this look for the mail
also i left the 2 white papers at one of the pet stores.  could you send new instructions please...
well, daughter sadie has just finished a session of playtime & maggie easily goes to her crate,
after all 'she is the dog that fits'!!!!
your friends,   bud & barb ware


5/19/05 - From Brenda - new pups first week

I swear my cheek muscles and so sore form laughing and smiling with this pup.  She is so smart.  She is getting the idea of 'come' and 'sit', loves to sleep on my feet (so I have to sit still until she is sound asleep), thinks a clump of grass from the mower is a prize and horse poop is the best stuff!  She learned on night two that when she whined in the night it caused this loud clap so she stopped and hasn't done it since.  This morning while cleaning the over flow for the pond she jumped right in and helped by biting my hands and slinging moss all over herself.

I'm in puppy heaven-- Thank you allowing her to come to our home.


  12/04 -Boykin Spaniels place at the Menz Player’s Championship by John Rucker

             40 of the top flushing dogs in the U.S. competed in the Menz Player’s Championship, doubles division, in Guthrie Center, Iowa from December 2-4.  The only breeds represented were Labs, gun line Springer Spaniels, English Cockers and……Boykin Spaniels!

            Most of the participants invited to this ‘World Series’ of tournament hunts had placed in the top 5 in the ‘nationals’ of the National Upland Classic series, the National Bird Dog Challenge series, and the Chukar Classic competition in Minnesota, or other prestigious tournament hunts, during the previous 12 months.  This was the third year of the Menz Player’s Championship, but the first time it was filmed.  The “pilot” of the event will be sent to ESPN, Fox Sports net, and the Outdoor Channel, for possible airing.  It is hoped that the Menz Player’s Championship will become a “circuit” similar to the Bass Pro tournament circuit, with numerous tournaments each year.

            During the first two days of the event, dogs in both the singles and doubles events ran  in one of several rectangular fields of approximately 10 acres each, looking for 3 and 6 birds respectively, hidden somewhere in the field, before each run.  Each shooter, or team of two shooters, was accompanied in the field by a judge who scored on time elapsed, shots missed, clean retrieves to hand, as well as other infractions, such as a dog running out of bounds.  On Saturday, December 4, the top 10 dogs in each class of both the pointing and flushing divisions were invited to run for the championship.  Two Boykins, which happen to be full brother and sister, were among the 10!  “Bessie”, belonging to Phil and Karen Hinchman of Greenfield, Indiana and “Buster”, belonging to John Rucker of Bluff City, Tennessee took 8th and 10th, respectively, by the end of the day.  With just a few lucky breaks, the Boykins might have finished in the top five places, where 5th place in doubles paid $800 purse money, and 1st place paid $4600.

            Tournament hunting is an exciting spectator sport, for unlike the Bass Pro circuit the action takes place right in front of bleachers full of onlookers.  While shooters are instructed to call a “safety” when a chukar or pheasant flies directly towards spectators or cameraman, indiscretions do occur.  Spectators occasionally hear shot rattle nearby…..very nearby.  Some wear shooting glasses to protect their eyes, though there is little real danger.  The sound of shot whizzing overhead is not unknown in this environment. 

            As the afternoon wears on, the crowd usually becomes increasingly participatory, and as favorite dogs and shooters fall into a hot run, applause and cheers greet each flush and shot, as chukars go down in clouds of feathers.  When a flushing dog wheels sharply at full gallop toward a bird hiding in the brome grass, a collective gasp may go up from the bleachers.  Killed birds are offered to shooters and spectators to be taken home and eaten.

            At the present time, this sport is dominated by Minnesota and Wisconsin tournament hunters, in particular a group of about a dozen men and dogs who train at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake, MN.  In order to successfully compete against them, you will need to be lucky, and very, very good.  In the meantime, “the little brown dogs” that originated from South Carolina have run against the best of the best, and have demonstrated that they have the leg, the nose, the heart, the drive and the discipline, to make it to the top 10 of the Menz Player’s Championship!  If there is any room for improvement, it is on the human, not the canine end of the team.

            For information on tournament hunting, go to, or


 12/5/04 - From Ken in Iowa


Hi Jan & Larry

The Little Brown Dog deserves a lot of the credit. I shot the buck on Sat. morning at 7 o clock and didn't like the way the arrow hit, so I let him go till 2 o clock in the afternoon. I hit the last rib and it angled forward but only penetrated about a foot. I had a blood trail for about 4 or 5 hundred yards and that was slow going. The buck never laid down, he was to interest in the doe he was with. Sunday I walk and looked for sign all day long and Duke helped. We figured out that he went west after he had check out half a dozen scraps. He was paying little attention to the arrow stinking out of him.  Monday we started looking again. Duke would check every downfall and I would glass all the hill sides and valleys. 
He seem to know what his job was and he covered a lot of ground and that made it a lot easier for me. We still covered a lot of miles up and down these hills. 
I have found out if I pay attention to him and watch his stance he'll look straight at a deer 100-200 yards away. He showed me so many deer I lost count. Some were nice bucks. We keep walking and looking till about 2 Monday afternoon and we walked up on him along the edge of the timber. The meat was spoiled, but at least we retrieved the rack. It rough scored 203 points.
If it hadn't been for Duke's enthusiasm I might have given up long before. That night we both snored a lot. Duke seemed to know we had accomplished our mission and he stayed close to the head and got in most of the pictures. I think he was almost as proud as his master, no he considers his self my equal, partner.        
Ken, Marcia, and Duke


9/22/04 from Larry and Jan Hinchman


Charlie's Trip to the Game Fair


Charlie was combed, put on his best collar and was off to the Game Fair at 6:00am.  He arrived to the fair at 7:00am, one hour before the gate opened.  He wanted a good parking space and some time to show off in the line to get in.  He is a very handsome fellow and in the hour before the gate opened at least 5 people came over to admire him and ask many questions about what is a Boykin Spaniel.  Once inside the gate we hardly had any time to look at the displays and events because we were busy explaining Charlie’s history and all about the Boykin breed.  We handed out 14 Boykin Spaniel Society pamphlets and talked to many people about the breed in the 2 hours we were there.  Charlie entered one event but all did not go as planned.  Although Charlie is a very accomplished upland bird hunter and retriever, this game was all new to him.  Charlie has an intense love for retrieving dummies but as the dummy was launched in the water it landed on the far side of a group of decoys.  This was all new to Charlie.  He launched into the water, got to the decoys, touched them and they moved.  He immediately turned and came back to me and said ‘Dad you never told me about those things in the water’.  Needless to say we will work on swimming through decoys to get the retrieve.  Otherwise Charlie was a big hit at the Game Fair and he had his picture taken which we have enclosed.  On a side note if the BSS ever wanted to have a booth at the Game Fair (

Charlie said he would be glad to help man the booth and would show off again.  Attached are some of the dog clubs that were there and also some of the events to enter.  There were over 300 outdoor exhibits, free seminars and shooting events (yes, you can even bring your own shotgun and dog).  The event is patterned after European Medieval Fall Festivals and located on 80 acres of woods and water in Anoka, MN.  It is the nation’s largest outdoors hunting and family participation event with over 50,000 in attendance in 2003. Retrieving Championship:  Charlie says Dad has taught him well for upland and tournament hunting but he would like to see some of those great southern little brown dogs come up and show them how this retrieving game is played….Ha!  Charlie says he has to go now and teach Dad some new tricks. 

Thank You,

J&L Boykins

Larry and Jan Hinchman

Charlie, Ruby and Penny


08/22/04 from Jeri Bogard - Charli's first day

I thought you might like to know how a long trip home was for one of your little girls....
As we left it was running through my mind that it was going to be near impossible to leave this sweat little brown puppy in a kennel for 5 hours while we made our journey home.  To our surprise, we heard yelping and crying for only 10 minutes or so at the beginning of the trip.   Once we were smoothly onto I-70 Charli had went off to sleep.  We made two breaks for exercise and necessities, each time giving way for another cry of "please hold me so I can kiss you and chew on your ears" for 10 minutes. 
We arrived at my mother's to pick up the kids and to introduce them to the new ruler of our household.  I don't think they quite understood, but in the days to come I'm sure it will be very clear.  Charli was timid at first, but more in a "I'm going to sneak around the back of you to grab a quick sniff and make sure you are ok" kind of way.  We got the kids settled back in the van and headed out for the last 15 miles home.  Charli didn't make a sound.
Charli seems right at home, running through the house like it's all hers.   The kids found a tennis ball for her and played a while before bed.  One last trip outside and then we took the kennel to our bedroom for her comfort (and mine).  Charli repeated her short crying tactic and decided it was fruitless, she went to bed.  At 4:30 we went outside.  I knew upon entering the house that there was no way this little fire ball was going back to bed without a little exercise.  She would have that kennel turned over and rolling like a whiskey barrel had I put her back in.  We played for 15 minutes and headed back to bed.  She whimpered momentarily and gave up to sleep.  She didn't wake up until Erin came trotting up the stairs asking where the puppy was. 
Charli is still in the investigative state of her new surroundings.  She's down for a nap already today and then we'll introduce her to Gunner and the rest of the farm.  
Thank you both for giving us the opportunity to have one of you wonderful puppies to make a part of our home !
Take care and we'll keep in touch (and of course - send pictures).
Jeri Bogard 


08/10/04 from Paul Feldhake, Milwaukee, WI

We got Elvis from Larry Hinchman in August 2003. His parents are Penny (Larry's female) and Riggs (Phil's male). Elvis is physically compact but strong and has a wonderful personality for a dual purpose dog. He is like another family member around the house but easily shifts into hunt mode.

Four words describe Elvis: smart, self-motivated, independent, and friendly. Elvis loves the challenge of training and finds praise almost a bother, wanting instead to move on to the next drill. He is also independent. Though he is eager to please and friendly, Elvis prefers his own couch to sharing with others. He is a Great Lakes dog as well. Undaunted by the frigid water, even on rough days Elvis takes the plunge and has become quite adept at body surfing.

I trained Elvis the first summer and fall by myself, introducing him to live birds at the game farm at 4 months. On Larry's advice I introduced Elvis to the hunting environment at game farms and tournaments; consequently, he doesn't get distracted by other dogs or people during training.

I made two major discoveries from my experience with Elvis.

First, obedience is mandatory before turning a dog loose at a hunt club. I let Elvis hunt before his obedience training was complete. As a result, at 6-7 months Elvis did some world class racing through the designated hunt areas and occasionally into someone else's field.

Second, finding a partner or two is essential. I was lucky to meet Jim Kieker, who helped me get Elvis under control. We did many quartering drills with 3 walkers. Jim believes that releasing the birds while walking v.s. planting is a good way to keep the dogs hunting close. It has worked well with Elvis. The retrieving part seems to be natural and the obedience has helped refine it. We have had some long " hold " sessions, but he is not forced and I don't think he needs to be. He loves to retrieve-particularly in water.

We are training Elvis to enter the hunt test world this fall as a started dog. We are also considering the retriever tests if all goes well. My conclusion so far is this. The extra training and hunt test work is valuable because it increases the bond between dog and owner. This level of training will make Elvis a better field dog. Jim Kieker's English cockers are Exhibit A ; hopefully Elvis will be a similar story.

Thanks to Larry and Phil Hinchman and Jim Kieker for all their help.
Paul Feldhake and Kim


06/17/04  from Mike Elliot, Spencer, IN

HI would like to relate a story that we have experienced this year with our Boykin, Elliott's Redhill Ready.
I work for Otis Elevator Co. in Bloomington, IN, and like so many other companies in the US they are down-sizing and moving all manufacturing out of the country. I was assigned to come to Nogales, MX for a six month period of time starting last February. I came down as scheduled spent the month here and found a place in Rio Rico, AZ (just across the border) suitable for my wife Cathy and Ready.
I returned to Indiana the first of March. The plan was to drive my truck and trailer Cathy's Blazer back down here so we would both have transportation. The evening before we were to start our trip, I was outside and had the dog with me while I was doing some last minute checks on my truck. Well, Ready being the curious dog he is slipped off up towards one of our neighbors, (not an unusual thing). We live at the end of a private road with little to no traffic, so I was not really concerned, as he always comes back when I call him. As I was finishing up my checks on the truck I heard him yelp out like he was hurt and when I headed up the road I met him running toward me with his right hind leg just dangling. I picked him up and carried him to the house and did an examination. There was no blood or evidence of a broken bone, so we just made him comfortable as possible for the evening in preparation to take him to our regular Vet the next morning. Of course this added some stress as we had planned to get an early departure for our journey.
Morning came and we called our Vet which would not be available until 10:00AM. Cathy took Ready into the Vet while I was finishing up preparing for our trip. She returned at around 11:30AM with the dog and an explanation that it appeared Ready had a very bad sprain of his leg and just to keep him down for a few days and minimize his activity for a couple of weeks. Well keeping him down for a few days was not going to be a problem since we would be driving 1800 miles and he could stay in his travel kennel to minimize movement. The four day trip was completed without incident, but Ready was still in severe pain. We kept him as comfortable as possible for a couple of weeks as advised, but he showed no signs of improvement. Being new to this area we had no idea about Vets in the area, but saw a new Vet office in the community and decided to take Ready in to him. The first thing he did was take an X-Ray (something our regular Vet back home did not do). The X-Ray clearly showed that the leg bone was completely dislocated from the hip socket. The X-Ray's also showed that for a dog of Ready's age (he will be 10 July 31st) he had very good hip characteristics other than for the injury. 

We began discussion of options for correcting the injury. The first thing tried was to re-set the leg and truss it up for ten days to allow the natural healing process to keep it in place. Well this failed and caused further problems in that the truss caused some tissue on the leg to loose circulation and basically die. Now we have a dog with a dislocated hip and open sores down to where we have exposed bone and tendons. The next and only option was surgery, but first we had to get the other injuries healed in order to minimize any chance of infection. After six weeks of twice daily Epsom Salts baths, and bandage changing we were able to have the surgery done. All went pretty well with the surgery, and Ready was beginning to use the leg in just a couple of days. He is now up to the point of walking over two miles per day, and seems to be pain free. Of course the leg has a long way to go to gain all the muscle back that was lost during the two and one half months of non-use. He still will carry the leg at times when in the house, but we think that is more habit than anything else. At any rate we are glad to have him back and seemingly pain free.

The moral to this story is, if you, a loved one, including your pet gets injured do not hesitate to to get an X-Ray. If our Vet in Bloomington had done this up front it would have saved us and Ready a load of pain, misery, and I won't even mention money because that's not the important part of this story. The feeling of love and compassion is what's important and you can't put a price on that.
God Bless the USA
Mike, Cathy, and Ready Elliott






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