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Critter Collars should be a "must have" in your box of whelping supplies.   For more information click here for their website


Ester -C


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Importance of Ester-C relating to hip dysplasia


Ester-C for Dogs


Ester-C - New Forms and New Uses in Dogs





HRC Website - click here


HRCH Brandywines Duramizer Chip UNCH09

HRCH Lilly's Full Choke Hunter - runner up at 2010 BSS Retriever Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Front Paige News - runner up at 2010 BSS Upland Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Bessie's Mojo UNCH11

HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake

HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leinie



YouTube Videos


Phil & John - Abby Doubles run - BDC 3rd Season


Brandywines Living Like a Rock Star - Roxey - at 11 weeks


Training Services

We have been hunting with Boykin Spaniels for several years and believe they are the greatest hunting and companion dog that exists.   We compete in hunting tournaments and test our dogs abilities in HRC hunt test.  Our dog's hunting ability speaks for itself with lots of ribbons and trophies.  Our dogs have won 8 BSS National Championships and have many more other placements in Retriever and Upland Nationals, also several UFTA and BDC Nationals Championships.  Our dogs live in our house and are very much a part of our family.


We offer training in the following areas.  We specialize in Boykin Spaniels only.

Obedience - basic Sit, Come and Heel

Force Fetch


Retriever training  

Basically everything it takes to make your dog ready for HRC Seasoned, Finished or just a great hunting dog.

Gun dog - We have excelled in upland hunting with our Boykins


Call Phil at 317-431-1369 to reserve your spot or complete this form

We have winter training grounds in SC.



We are located on 11 acres just south of Greenfield, IN with Brandywine Creek running through our property.  We have 2 separate fenced exercise areas.  

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