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Importance of Ester-C relating to hip dysplasia


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HRCH Brandywines Duramizer Chip UNCH09

HRCH Lilly's Full Choke Hunter - runner up at 2010 BSS Retriever Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Front Paige News - runner up at 2010 BSS Upland Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Bessie's Mojo UNCH11

HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake

HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leinie



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Brandywines Living Like a Rock Star - Roxey - at 11 weeks


Purchase Agreement and Guarantee

Updated 12/31/14


An Agreement between Brandywine Creek Boykins, LLC  (Breeder) and the Buyer:

Breeder agrees to sell to Buyer, a Boykin Spaniel, referred to as ‘Puppy’, for $__________ plus any shipping/transportation expenses include the airfare, crate, and veterinarian's health certificate. A deposit of  $___________ has been received to reserve puppy leaving a balance of $_________.   Please make all payments paid to the order of: Brandywine Creek Boykins, LLC.  In the event of a returned check, the buyer agrees to pay any and all bank fees associated with that returned check.

If, for whatever reason, the Buyer cannot or does not wish to maintain custody of this puppy/dog, the buyer will contact Brandywine Creek Boykins, LLC and the Puppy/dog will be returned with all paperwork and transferred back to them.  Under no circumstances will the puppy be placed in a shelter. If the dog is found in a shelter, Humane Society, rescue program or the like, the buyer agrees that all rights of ownership reverts to the Breeder and thereby Breeder becomes the legal owner of the dog with all rights reserved and entitled to.

Breeder warrants that the Puppy is a healthy, sound, quality Puppy that is current on all vaccinations. Breeder has provided this puppy with the best possible health care, grooming, and socialization, so she/he is off to a great start as a hunting companion and family pet.

Responsibilities of the Buyer     
The Buyer agrees to provide the highest quality of care for said Puppy, including quality food, water, shelter from heat or cold; active companionship, appropriate exercise, socialization and professional veterinary care whenever necessary. Appropriate professional veterinary care includes, but is not limited to, annual exams, regular parasite checks and worming if necessary, vaccinations as recommended by local protocol, and regular heartworm preventative.

Buyer agrees to maintain preventive care of pup in regards to Hip Dysplasia and other skeletal diseases, such as proper nutrition (including avoiding excessive nutrition), proper exercise and preventing stress injuries.  We very strongly encourage giving your pup an Ester-C supplement for the first 2 years. 

By signing below, the Buyer signifies they have been instructed by the Breeder that socialization is extremely important in the proper rearing of a Boykin Spaniel Puppy in order for it to become a stable adult dog.  Buyer makes absolute promise that this Puppy shall receive socialization with people and other dogs. Buyer agrees to provide the Breeder with reports on the Puppy made by telephone, e-mail or letter.


The buyer agrees to register the puppy with the Boykin Spaniel Society (BSS) within 3 months of obtaining the registration papers This puppy is registered with a limited registration, which will prohibit breeding and registering offspring.

 Buyer agrees to use part of our Kennel name (Brandywines) as the first name when registering the puppy.


This Puppy is sold as a Hunting Dog with a Limited Registration, which will prohibit breeding and registering offspring.  Limited Registration may be lifted when/if both of the following conditions have been met:

1.  Puppy has received a passing OFA Hip, Heart evaluation, Patella and CERF certification, AND is at least 24 months old.

2.  The puppy receives a title in HRC in at least the ‘Seasoned’ level  or ‘AKC’ Senior level.


If Buyer decides to Spay/Neuter the puppy before it reaches the age of maturity – Females  - 12 months and Males – 18 months  then the guarantee on the Hips is VOID.



Health Guarantee

Brandywine Creek Boykin Spaniels goes to great lengths to produce healthy and sound puppies. This Guarantee covers any genetic problem which prevents the dog from being certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for Hips, Heart, Patella or Eyes.

The general health of all puppies purchased from Brandywine Creek Boykins. LLC is guaranteed for a period of 5 days after receipt of the dog from our kennel. This does not include any accidents or negligence on the part of the Buyer.  Within the first 5 days of receipt of the puppy the Buyer shall have the puppy undergo a thorough exam by a veterinarian at the expense of the buyer.

The maximum refund on a pup is one half the original purchase price unless the Buyer decides to return the dog in the case of severely dysplastic.

HIPS -  Brandywine Creek Boykins, LLC will guarantee to the age of 26 months against Hip Dysplasia. In the event  the pup is unable to receive a number by OFA the following steps must be taken to obtain a refund:

If determined to be mildly or moderately dysplastic by the OFA,  the buyer of the pup is entitled to a refund of half the original purchase price by furnishing the Breeder documents from the OFA stating such condition along with veterinarian certificate that the pup has been spayed/neutered.  The maximum refund on the dog will be one half the original purchase price.

 If the dog is determined by OFA to be severely dysplastic then the buyer may choose to return the dog to the Breeder with all BSS registration paperwork signing ownership back to Breeder for a full refund. The cost and related expenses of returning the dog to the Breeder shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer. If the buyer decides to keep the dog then the maximum refund will be one half the original purchase price.

It is the Buyer’s sole obligation to have the x-rays taken and submitted. The Breeder reserves the right to have the dog x-rayed and re-evaluated. If the pup undergoes surgery or treatment prior to the evaluation of the x-rays, and before the Breeder has the opportunity to relinquish the right for re-evaluation, this contract will be void.

EYES, PATELLA and HEART- Brandywine Creek Boykins, LLC will guarantee to the age of 26 months against Congenital Cardiac Diseases, abnormal Patella, and Hereditary Eye Disease that would not enable the pup to receive an OFA or CERF number. In the event the pup is unable to receive a number by OFA or CERF,  the buyer of the pup is entitled to a refund of half the original purchase price by furnishing the Breeder documents from the veterinarian certifying that the pup has the condition and that the pup has been spayed/neutered.  The maximum refund on the dog will be one half the original purchase price.

 There are no other guarantees or warranties implied or intended unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both Brandywine Creek Boykins,LLC and the buyer.

The above guarantees are not transferable to a new owner.

Any puppy that is returned to the breeder for any reason will be done so at the owner’s expense.

This guarantee expires when puppy (Litter Reg # _BSL _______) reaches 26 months of age.   Date whelped: __

1. The dog must not be older than 26 months of age when the defect is discovered.
2. The dog must not have produced any offspring.
3. You must be the "original" and only owner/s.
4. Claims must be in writing before the dog reaches 27 months of age and shall be accompanied by the following:
            a. A signed copy of this guarantee.
            b. Veterinary certification (Including OFA or CERF documentation) for hip or eye defect as described above which include the dogs microchip number, tattoo number or other permanent ID.
            c. Veterinary certification that animal has been spay/neutered if applicable.


Sire:     ___________________________________________   BSR #: __   Sex:     ________   


Dam:    ____________________________________________ BSR #:


Buyer:  ______________________________           ________________________________ Date: ______________


Updated 12/31/14




Our Boykin Spaniels



Brandywines Chocolate Rose

HRCH UH Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry UICH07 ICH09


HRCH UH Brandywines Till the Next Time - Tillie


HRCH Brandywines Big Block Hemi

HR Brandywines Lady Waterfowl - Adie

HRCH UH Brandywines Creature of Habit -Cree

Brandywines Amber Ale - Axel

HR Brandywines Tillies Last Fling - Ellie


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