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Ester -C


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Importance of Ester-C relating to hip dysplasia


Ester-C for Dogs


Ester-C - New Forms and New Uses in Dogs





HRC Website - click here


HRCH Brandywines Duramizer Chip UNCH09

HRCH Lilly's Full Choke Hunter - runner up at 2010 BSS Retriever Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Front Paige News - runner up at 2010 BSS Upland Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Bessie's Mojo UNCH11

HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake

HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leinie



YouTube Videos


Phil & John - Abby Doubles run - BDC 3rd Season


Brandywines Living Like a Rock Star - Roxey - at 11 weeks

Tournament/HRC Hunting 2006-2007 Season

Results and Photos


HRC website - click here

Tournament Hunter/NBDCA website


Citori received 2 'Started' passes and Charlie received his 1st 'Seasoned' pass at Kankakee River HRC hunt test held April 21-22, 2007

Charlie belongs to Larry and Jan Hinchman and is being trained for HRC Seasoned by Phil

Matt and Brandywines 12 Gauge finished 1st place in Singles at the UC North Carolina State Championship April 7th.  They also took 2nd place in the Doubles division




2007 Bird Dog Challenge Nationals

Boykin owners from IN, WI, NC, OR and Canada played at the 2007 BCD Nationals held in Davis City, IA on March 28th - April 1st.  The dogs did well even though they didnt place in the top 3 and everyone had a great time.

March 24-25, 2007 - Royal Flush Classic

Saturday - Top Gun

Max 1st place, Bear 2nd place, Charlie 3rd place


Sunday - Top Gun

Charlie - 1st place, Okey 2nd place

HR UH Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry received 3 passes and HR Brandywines Mighty Durmax both received 2 passes at Badger State HRC Upland Hunt Test in Eagle, WI March 17-18, 2007.  Cherry completed her HRC Upland title.



Cherry and Max received their 1st HRC Upland passes Saturday March 10th at a Southern MI HRC event


2/10/07 - Bessie finished in 1st place at the UFTA Flushing Nationals winning an automatic bid to the THCC Worlds Championship, Abby finished in 2nd place and Bear in 3rd place
Top Gun Champions - Little Suamico, WI Feb 2-4, 2007

Top Gun Flusher - 88 entries

Bessie - 2nd place out of 88 entries, made the top run-off

Riggs - 2nd place in Masters Top Gun







L to R: Citori, Max, Cherry and Dixie with their awards and Gauge with his award


2007 BSS Upland Nationals - Cheraw, SC

January 13-14,2007


Intermediate - Cherry - 2007 BSS Upland Nationals Intermediate Champion


Intermediate - Max - Gunners Choice Award


Novice - Citori - 2nd place, Max - JAM, Dixie - completion


Brandywines 12 Gauge - Novice - JAM -owned by Matt and Megan Behe

Brandywines Northern Dixie finished in 1st place in the Masters Top Gun Division at the 2006 Players Championship held December 1-3, 2006 at the Flyin B Hunt Club in Guthrie Center, IA.  Riggs finished in 2nd place in the same division.  Dixie received and automatic bid to the NBDCA Nationals and Dixie and Riggs both received an automatic bid to the 2007 Worlds Championships.

Spaniels in the Field Magazine Top Gun Championship held at Glenns Valley Conservation Club November 25th, 2006


 Brandywines Mighty Duramax - 'Spaniels in the Field' Top Gun Flushing Dog Champion.  Max was steady with every flush and won the championship with a combined total of 5 minutes in both fields.







11/12/06 - Brandywines Big Brown Bear and Brandywines Northern Dixie (littermates - Bessie x Riggs 2003)  each made it to the semi-finals in the Flushing Top Gun Singles Division winning over all their Match Play opponents at the THCC World Championships held at Davis City, IA November 9-13th, 2006.  Then had to compete against one another for one of the 8 Finalist spots.  Bear moved on to become one of the 8 Finalists which will be completed at a date to be determined in the near future.  The semi-finals were filmed to be broadcast on the Outdoor Channel starting in January 2008.  Their were in excess of 550 runs at this event.
Flat Farms, Van Wert, OH, Nov 4-5


Sat - 4th

Top Gun - 6 entries

Dixie - 1st

Abby - 2nd


Hunter - 4 entries

Matt - Gauge - 1st place


Sun 5th

Top Gun - 6 entries

Bessie - 1st

Gypsy - 2nd


Hunter - 4 entries

Gypsy - 1st

Citori - 2nd

Lee Neary Challenge - Sunny Slope Hunt Club - October 21-22, 2006


Top Gun Singles - 26 entries

Bessie - 3rd

Ruby - 6th

Bear - 7th

Dixie - 8th

Cherry - 13th

Penny - 14th

Charlie - 15th

Abby - 17th

Riggs - 18th


Hunter Division - 5 entries

Okey - 5th

Covered Bridge Cup - Rosedale, IN - Oct 14-15, 2006


Top Gun Singles-Sat

1st place-Bear

2nd place-Dixie

Top Gun Singles-Sun

2nd place-Dixie 

Hunter Division - Sat

Okey - 1st place

Hoosier Classic held at Glenns Valley Conservation Club - Oct 7-8, 2006



Hunter Division

Marty Cruickshank & Reggie- 1st place - auto bid winner

Phil Hinchman & Citori - 1st place - auto bid winner

John Campbell-Gypsy - 3rd place


Top Gun Flushing

Phil Hinchman - Bessie - 1st place & auto bid winner

Phil Hinchman - Dixie - 2nd place


Doubles Flushing

John Shaw - Bear - 1st place - auto bid winner

Outback Hunting Preserve, Wilmington, OH

NBDCA/UFTA dual sanctioned event

Sept 30-Oct 1, 2006


Saturday - Top Gun - 5 entries

Bessie - 1st place

Abby - 2nd place

Cherry - 3rd place


Sunday - Top Gun - 7 entries

Riggs - 1st place

Bessie - 6th place

Cherry - 7th place


SHR Brandywines Hokey Smokes - he received his 'Started' HRC title 9/23/06 at Ohio HRC hunt test in Pioneer, OH at 6 months old



INDucky HRC Hunt Test, Deputy, IN


Congratulations to Cherry and Max for receiving their HRC 'HR' title this weekend at INDucky's HRC Hunt Test in Deputy, IN


'HR' Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry

'HR' Brandywines Mighty Duramax


Congratulations to Bear for receiving his HRC 'SHR' title this weekend and Okey for receiving another 'Started' pass at INDucky's HRC Hunt Test in Deputy, IN


'SHR' Brandywines Big Brown Bear



Ohio Valley HRC Hunt Test - Lakeview, OH

Max - received 2 'Seasoned' passed

Cherry - received 1 'Seasoned' pass

Okey - received 1 'Started' pass


Labor Day Championship held at Woods & Meadows Hunt Club, Warrens, WI

Top Gun Singles - 33 dogs

Riggs - 2nd place, 1st place points and Auto Bid to NBDCA Nationals.  (Dan Soyka finished 1st but runs silent)

Charlie - 4th place

Bessie - 8th place


Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry received her 2nd HRC Started pass on May 21, 2006 at Farmland, IN

Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry gets her 1st HRC Started pass April 15th at an HRC event held at Kankakee Grand Marsh County Park









SHR Brandywines Northern Dixie finished in 1st place at the 2006 Boykin Spaniel Nationals Roustabout(Upland) held March 31-April 2nd, 2006 in Clinton, SC


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