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Ester -C


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Importance of Ester-C relating to hip dysplasia


Ester-C for Dogs


Ester-C - New Forms and New Uses in Dogs





HRC Website - click here


HRCH Brandywines Duramizer Chip UNCH09

HRCH Lilly's Full Choke Hunter - runner up at 2010 BSS Retriever Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Front Paige News - runner up at 2010 BSS Upland Nationals in Intermediate

HRCH UH Brandywines Bessie's Mojo UNCH11

HRCH UH Brandywines Waterfowl Drake

HRCH Brandywines Summer Shandy-Leinie



YouTube Videos


Phil & John - Abby Doubles run - BDC 3rd Season


Brandywines Living Like a Rock Star - Roxey - at 11 weeks

Tournament/HRC Hunting 2007-2008 Season

Results and Photos



BDC/UFTA Qualifier - Morley, MI  May 3-4, 2008

Saturday - Riggs 1st

Sunday - Max 1st, Riggs 3rd


BDC/UFTA qualifier held at Glenns Valley April 27-28, 2008

Saturday - Bessie 1st, Riggs 3rd

Sunday - Abby 2nd



L to R - Hunter, Tillie and Chip received 2 HRC 'Started' passes each at Hoosier HRC April 12-13, 2008. 



Bessie, Riggs and Abby finish in top positions at a BDC/UFTA event at Royal Flush April 5th & 6th, 2008.  Saturday - Abby 1st, Riggs 3rd / Sunday -  Riggs 1st, Bessie 3rd



Phil, Matt and Lance display ribbons won at the 2008 Boykin Spaniel Society 's Retriever Nationals held at the Clinton House Plantation in Clinton SC March 28-30th


Ribbons & Placements listed below


Intermediate Division

Brandywines Special Reserve - Belle - 3rd place - Lance Waggoner

Brandywines Mighty Duramax - 4th place - Phil Hinchman


Novice Division

Brandywines Rich & Smooth Amberbock -  Completion - Matt Behe

Brandywines Till the Next Time Tillie - Completion - Phil Hinchman

Brandywines Browning Citori Feather - Completion - Phil Hinchman

Brandywines Duramizer Chip - Completion - Lance Waggoner

Brandywines Special Reserve - Belle - Completion - Lance Waggoner


Puppy Division -

Brandywines Rich & Smooth Amberbock -  1st place Champion - Matt Behe

Brandywines Till the Next Time Tillie - JAM - Phil Hinchman

Brandywines Duramizer Chip - Completion - Lance Waggoner


 Duck Dog Shootout -

Brandywines 12 Gauge - 1st place - Matt Behe


Roustabout (Upland Hunt)


Brandywines Mighty Duramax - 1st place - Phil Hinchman

Brandywines Rich & Smooth Amberbock -  2nd place - Matt Behe

Charlie - 3rd place - Phil Hinchman



Big Sky's Bessie Wayne and Brandywines 12 Gauge - 1st place - Phil & Matt

Charlie and Phil and John Rucker and Gretta - 2nd place

Brandywines Browning Citori Feather and Phil, and Todd Deal and Sadie - 3rd place

UFTA event in Ohio - March 9th, 2008


Event 1

Riggs - 2nd place

Abby - 3rd place


Event 2

Riggs - 1st place

Abby - 3rd place

Congratulations to Matt and HR Brandywines 12 Gauge (from NC) for winning the Doubles Division at the Upland Classic Nationals and for being the 2007 High Point dog

UH Brandywines Browning Citori Feather completed her last 2 HRC Upland passes to receive her UH title at a HRC Upland Hunt test at the Bong Rec Area in Kansasville, WI


HR UH Brandywines Mighty Duramax completed his last HRC Upland pass to receive his UH title at a Kankakee River Upland Hunt test.  Citori also received 2 Upland passes.

Abby x Cutty 2004 (Max)

Bessie x Cutty 2006 (Citori)


BDC Top Gun Championships - Feb 1-3, 2008, Little Suamico, WI



Dixie (right) tied (4 min total for both runs) for 1st place and lost to 2nd place by seconds in the Top Gun Masters Division at the Top Gun Championships held at Little Creek Hunt Club in Little Suamico, WI, Feb 1-3, 2008.  Bear (left) made the top run-offs (top 12 dogs out of 82 dogs) which finished out in match play format.


BSS Upland Nationals - Cheraw, SC January 19-20, 2008


HR Brandywines Mighty Duramax received a JAM in the Intermediate Class at the Boykin Spaniel Upland Nationals held in Patrick, SC, January 19-20, 2008.  Max also won the Gunners Choice award in Intermediate for the 2nd year in a row.  This is an award given to the dog the gunners would most like to hunt with.



Matt and Gauge took 2nd place at the Eastern Regional Championship held in NC


Congratulations to Matt and HR Brandywines 12 Gauge for earning his

HRC HR title

Harley x Cutty 2006


Dixie Duel - Nov 9-11, 2007, Rimrock Hunting Preserve, NC - BDC Major and UFTA qualifier

Doubles - Marty and Reggie - 1st place - autobid to Worlds

Puppy - Phil and Chip 1st place - autobid to Worlds

Amateur - Amber & Matt 1st place - Worlds Autobid

Top Gun (13 entries)- Sat - Dixie 1st, Riggs 2nd

Top Gun (12 entries) - Sun - Max 1st, Riggs 2nd, Dixie 3rd

Dixie 1st, Riggs 2nd and Gauge 3rd overall - won the autobid to the Worlds and Nationals for best score combined for Sat & Sun




October 13-14 - Covered Bridge Cup - Royal Flush, Rosedale,IN



Saturday -  10 flushers

Riggs - 1st place - (5 time Covered Bridge Cup Champion)

Abby - 2nd place

Bessie - 3rd place





Sunday - 9 flushers

Dixie - 1st place

Abby - 2nd Place

Max - 3rd place





UFTA/BCA Qualifier - Waterford, OH - Oct 6-7. 2007


Saturday - Top Gun

Dixie - 1st place

Riggs - 2nd Place



Sunday - Top Gun

Abby - 5th place

Bessie - 8th place

9/9/07 - Congratulations to Matt and Gauge for completing 2 of his 3 HRC Seasoned passes.  One more for his HR title - then its on to Finished.

Thats awesome!!!!!

Way to go Boykins!!!!!!

Labor Day Chukar Challenge, Woods & Meadows , WI



Top Gun Singles - Bessie 1st, Dixie 2nd, Abby 4th

Amateur - Saturday - John and Okey 2nd

Amateur - Sunday - Reggie and Marty 1st

Puppy - Sunday - John & Okey 1st


In each division the top 2 finishers receive and auto bid to the 2007 BDC Nationals and the top 5 placements receive an auto bid to the 2008 Worlds Champtionship


Our Boykin Spaniels have given us many hours of enjoyment at home and in the field.  They are excellent upland hunters and field trial dogs.  We travel all over the Midwest from fall till spring attending tournaments held by Bird Dog Challenge, Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series, THCC Majors and Super Majors and we are attending HRC Hunt Tests also.  Our Boykin Spaniels compete against other breeds of hunting dogs, including Labs, Springer Spaniels and Golden Retrievers in quail, chukar and pheasant tournaments.  We have traveled to many different places and met a lot of good friends. 


There are many hunting series with tournaments already scheduled for the fall and winter.  Their schedules are updated continuously.  For a list of scheduled tournaments sanctioned by the following hunting series click on their individual links below:

Bird Dog Challenge Association - BDC                                   

Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series - WCHS

UFTA - United Field Trialers Association

Tournament Hunter Champions Club - The dog registry that provides a complete pedigree that includes health information, lineage, Tournament Hunting achievements and much more.

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